Notes for Teachers

Lesson Plans




Prior Knowledge:

Students should be familiar with the musical elements, particularly performing media, tone colour and also the notions of UNITY and CONTRAST, as they all will be explored in the iBook. Ideally musical theatre studied in the compulsory years would be optimum, but not essential.

Students are also expected to be familiar with using basic ICT formats, such as using an iBook, opening hyperlinks, responding and uploading to and uploading content to Youtube/dropbox. Also, students are expected to have had some contact with Garageband, Sibelius or a similar program in order to complete the composition task.

Special Needs Student – Physical Disability

Susan is 16 and in Year 10, and is a paraplegic. She sits in a wheelchair for the entire lesson, and not at a desk.  She is a vocalist and also a pianist, and performs at an above-average ability at the piano, and an average ability with her voice. Her wheelchair is electric/motor controlled and is quite bulky and difficult to manoeuvre around the classroom if it is busy or cluttered with instruments.

She is quite a shy student and tends to hang with two of her friends for the majority of the lesson, and also outside in the playground. She does not like to be made to perform songs, or collaborate with other students in group exercises despite her talents.


Special Needs Student – Extension

Garth is 15, in Year 10, and is an exceptional guitarist. He often creates compositions using the Guitar Pro program in the style that he loves, metal. He is very skilled at playing fast, difficult passages of music quickly and can also adapt reasonably well to play various other styles if necessary, be it funk, jazz, pop and so on (although he prefers not to).

Whilst his performance abilities are high, and his compositional/theory-based skills are above-average in the class, he struggles with aural based/listening assessments as he finds it hard to dictate meaningful answers to questions based on a musical excerpt.



Unit of Work – iBook


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